The first proposed mark is an adapted version of the Jewish Federation’s logo. I replaced the flame element with the Hebrew letter kuf that is similar in form. In the system of gematria, kuf represents the number 100. 
This second proposed mark focuses on the numbers 20 and 100. The different pieces of the mark can be used in a various aspects of branding. For example, it can be rotated to either emphasize the 20 or the 100. This mark also lends itself particularly well to the inclusion of photographic elements.
This third mark combines both traditional Jewish imagery in the form of the star and the Jewish values of community. The formal aspects of the mark and the duotone mimic the Jewish Federation’s logo.
These proposed marks were met with hesitance. It became clear that the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland did not want a completely new mark, but rather, subtle and intentional ways to add on to the existing branding. It was also incredibly important that the changes remain recognizable as part of the larger Jewish Federations of North America. 
Visual Language
The existing elements of the Jewish Federations of North America logo, along with numbers and simplified elements of the existing mark work together to form a logo system which is both versatile and in line with existing material.
The colors used in this brand system include the light and dark blue utilized by the Jewish Federations of North America, as well as a unique color for the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland Centennial campaign, "Centennial Raspberry." Centennial Raspberry is to be used as an accent color alongside the traditional federation colors, light and dark blue.
In accordance with typefaces used by the Jewish Federations of North America, the centennial system uses Baskerville MT and Gotham. 
An extensive campaign calls for a brand system, not a single logo. I provided the Federation with all the assets they would need to create cohesive marks for any use. The asset files are named according to the matrix below. I also provided the Federation with examples of ways that the pieces might be used together to form a mark, font files, and hex codes for the colors used.